Turf For Sale

TurfTimber.com offers turf for sale to Dublin and selected Kildare areas. Black turf is our main product and is machine cut turf from the Bog of Allen, a large raised bog in the centre of Ireland, between the river Shannon and the river Liffey. All turf for sale from us is processed locally supporting employment in the community, a fact we are very proud of and intend to continue as turf suppliers into the future.

Turf has provided heat to homes across Ireland for over 2000 years and is a sustainable source of natural fuel that has stood the test of time.

Harvesting peat is as ecologically sound as cutting wood for the firebox. Remember, this fuel resource, like trees, is renewable. As long as a peat bed is kept sufficiently wet, vegetable matter will accumulate and new peat will continue to form, and as every Irish person is aware, keeping the ground wet in Ireland is something mother nature is very good at!

Our turf burns pretty much the same as wood or coal and the general principles are the same. Start with a hot blaze of kindling and small pieces of wood, and place the dried turf on top. Or add a briquette or two to your timber fire to create that intrinsically Irish ambience in your home.

The black turf harvested from the Bog of Allen produces a lovely, long lasting, warm and aromatic fire that will keep your home and family warm all winter.


Turf Suppliers

We have turf for sale in Bulk bags. A Bulk bag is neat, easy to access and most importantly waterproof. Turf for sale in Bulk bags can be bought in bulk with additional discounts applied to ensure you receive value for money.

One of the main benefits of purchasing turf in Bulk bags is storage. You don’t need a shed or any other large area and no mess is left at the end the turf is simply stored in a compact bag where it can be used when it’s needed.

You also have the ability to monitor your exact turf usage whether it be weekly, monthly or yearly which is highly beneficial from a budgeting perspective. All turf for sale from TurfTimber has its moisture measured by a moisture meter before it’s delivered to ensure a consistent and dry product. All of the turf for sale from our business has gone through an intense drying process to ensure our product is of the highest quality possible.

If you’re looking to get a nice bit of turf in to guard against the cold, Order Today by clicking the button below and we will get in touch to arrange delivery.